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Book Club

Book Club is open for home delivery! We appreciate that we might still be a long way off getting all children back into school. However, we feel it’s important that you and your children have access to books at home during this time. We’re keeping Issue 2 open for home delivery while stocks last! We have created an online version of our term 1 Issue 2 Book Club Catalogue toolkit/virtual-catalogue/  which will give you access to a wide selection of product that can be ordered from the comfort of your home. Click anywhere on the catalogue and you will be taken to  https://mybookclub.scholastic.  to place your order. Remember, every purchase you make will earn Scholastic Rewards for your school. Doing things differently does not change our goal of getting books into the hands of children to encourage them to become lifelong readers.
Recent posts

Breakers Basketball

We have been very fortunate to have the multi-talented Alex from the Breakers developing our basketball skills these last few weeks. He made us aware of the importance of making short, mid and long term goals. Alex has taught us some fundamentals of basketball Plus, we put the skills into practice by playing games. Lots of fun!

Narrative writing

Writing Narratives This term we have been learning how to create a piece of narrative writing. We have explored how to create a setting, character descriptions, what creates a good hook (that will engage the reader) and finally problem and solution. Here are a few pictures of us working in ours writing groups. These trios allow us to support each other as we work through the writing process. Receiving feedback and celebrating success by sharing our work with others.

Learning about our Turangawaiwai - Our Place of Standing

As part of our inquiry into Turangawaiwai, we have looked into the meanings of New Zealand place names. We created flags that will decorate our classroom and remind us of our standing place within New Zealand. What better way to learn, than through play?  Our puzzle has been pride of place within our classroom, it has allowed all children to take part in our inquiry throughout the day.

Camp Carey 19-21 February

Children have experienced everything from crate stacking, wall climbing, problem solving, archery, rifle shooting, a confidence course, rope maze, water slide and a wipe-out course. It’s been a fun filled school camp experience! Very proud to see them learning how to work as a team and listen to them encourage each other through their various activities. Especially, as some of the activities were quite challenging. It was great that they persevered and gave everything a go. Experiences outside the classroom, like Camp Carey reinforce learning by enabling the children to make connections between what they have learnt in the classroom and the world beyond the classroom. Camp Carey gave the children the opportunity to demonstrate the key competencies; particularly managing self, relating to others, and participating and contributing. Many thanks to our parent helpers, visiting teachers and the Year 5 team for making this camp experience such a success. With so many amazing